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Storm partner with Naturally Fit

Released: October 09, 2015


Naturally Fit Total FX will become the new strength and condition center of the Island Storm for the upcoming season.

Beginning in December, the team will begin daily workouts and training sessions with gym owner Jason Moser and his staff in the 8,000 square foot facility. Mosher has also been named the team’s new strength coach.

“Jason is a highly respected trainer here on P.E.I., and I think he will work wonders with our guys,” said Storm coach Joe Salerno. “Both Jason and the gym have a real ‘blue collar get down to work’ feel, something that I think our guys will respect and really take to.”

Mosher and the staff will work with Storm players in a number of different areas to improve game day performance and recovery. Neuromuscular releases, strength conditioning, and agility are three key areas, said Mosher.

“I can not teach them how to play their sport, but I will break down their body mechanics to be the best at it they can be.”

With an additional eight games to the regular season, Salerno feels proper training is necessary.

“With what looks to be an extremely difficult schedule this year, playing more back-to-back games on the road then we ever have in previous years, it is vital that our guys' bodies are in the best physical condition possible.

Daily fitness classes are available to all members at Naturally Fit, visit their website at for more information.


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